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Welcome back VirtualBox! Problems and Solutions

>> 21 December 2018

No Toolbar, no Status bar
Returning to Virtual Box after leaving it for some time (not because i dislike it. But i was busy). And I have got a real big unpleasant surprise !

Virtual Box version
Installed from rpmfusion

Fedora 29


What no toolbar?

Like it the hard way!
One way to remedy this problem was to go to user folder/.config and remove VirtualBox folder and to be more sure des-install and re-install pkgs. You like head ache aren't you. In Addition you'll lose all the last VM's ?

A better way

A better way is to edit the file "/home/user/.config/VirtualBox/VirtualBox.xml" You'll find two elements one for Toolbar and another Status bar toggle both from false to true (if you have something else missing, try here). When you start Virtual Box, elements are there