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UI Android Designer on IntelliJ IDEA 12 - Linux

>> 24 January 2013

Have you been looking for a way to open the UI Designer for Android. If so, don't search any more, here is the answer.

I need to mention that  I had some problems to have Android SDK and the IDE, working together and smoothly, on my Linux 64bits (Fedora 17).

IntelliJ IDEA  12 used here is the Community Edition

First create a new project

Select Application Module (1). Give a name to your project(2). Click on New(3) to select the location of Android SDK (JDK must be configured before). Next to continue(4)

Select the desired target and Next

Select options for your project and Finish

Double click on main.xml

Click on project tab > layout folder is inside res folder > double click on main.xml (inside layout folder)



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