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Using a USB device as a Fedora install media or live USB

>> 11 November 2011

It's hard to imagine, that creating an install media on a USB devie or use it as a live USB is as easy as burning an Iso image, for this reason i decided to spread the word and share the excellent information in this post on fedora project's wiki. How to create and use live USB

This tutor describe the creation of a USB Fedora 16 install media.

You may loose your data!!!
All operation mentioned in this tutor are destructive.

  • Backup your data
  • Double check and verify twice the destination partition's name

All what you need is a USB stick and an iso image downloaded from fedoraproject web site. With the following method, you can create an install media or a live USB.

1. Begin by installing a program called livecd-tools.

$ su -c “yum install livecd-tools”

2-Umount your USB device

3-Create a partition on the USB stick, of type fat 16 and make this partition bootable (if this is not already done)

4-Using livecd-tools, copy the .iso image to the USB device, using format option

$ su -c “livecd-iso-to-disk --format --reset-mbr path_to_iso_image /dev/partition_name_on_USB"

   I used first livecd-tools without format option (I formatted before) and my
   PC refused to boot from the USB

 5-This needs some processing time. At the end a message is displayed to say that your USB device is ready.

Enjoy installing or trying Fedora


Fedora 16, Tomorrow is the day

>> 07 November 2011

Fedora 15 was a great success story and a revolutionary one too. Fedora 16 has even better to offer.

Since the Alpha almost all was stable and improved, but with the release you have the right to ask for more.

If you are like me waiting impatiently to update your Fedora, or even to replace your old OS, visit Fedora's main site and choose among the packages what ever you want to install or  try.

 Get Fedora 16


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