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Steps 2 Eclipse Plug-in Ebook

>> 21 August 2015

This post is updated to include the new download URL

In this tiny ebook, i tried to put every idea, or method used in developing my plug-in for Eclipse XML Parsing in Java Kit, in a step by step tutor fashion, all in details and full of screen shots to demonstrate actions.

Used configuration:
Eclipse 3.6 Helios (Eclipse for RCP and RAP Developers Bundle)
Java SE 6 Update 24 (JDK 6u24)
Linux system (Fedora 14)

All sources are included with the plug-in :

Download the ebook

Steps 2 Eclipse Plug-in Table of Contents
Introduction: 5
Create a Plug-in Project 6
Create a new project 6
Add Java editor templates 11
Add an extension 11
Add an include 13
Select your templates file (in the project) 14
Add Cheat Sheets to the project 16
Add an extension point 16
Add a category for the cheat sheet 18
Adding a composite cheat sheet 21
Give your cheat sheet group a name 24
Adding tasks 25
Attach a simple cheat sheet file to the task 27
Add an Item to the simple cheat sheet 29
Other functions of the editor 31
Preview the task (simple cheat sheet) 32
Preview the whole cheat sheet (composite cheat sheet) 33
Register the composite cheat sheet 33
How to use custom images in the plug-in 36
The Activator class 39
Adding images (or any other resources) to Eclipse cheat sheets 41
Adding an extension 41
ItemExtensionHandler 46
plugin.xml 47
Add the attribute to a cheat sheet 48
Create a new cheat sheet to hold an image 48
cheatsheet_with_logo.xml 51
Test the plug-in 53
Implementing XPath expressions evaluation 56
First build a DOM and get XPath object 56
Evaluate XPath expression and detect its result 57
To modify or not to modify the DOM 58
Modifying the DOM 58
Modifyint a node's name 59
Modifying a nod's value 59
Preparing an HTML stream 60
Display XPath expressions results in cheat sheet 62
xpath_interactive_example.xml 65
Add a menu to the project 66
Add a command to the project 66
Give an ID to the command 68
Add a menu extension 72
Add a contribution to Eclipse menu 73
Adding a view to the project 77
Call XPathEval in the view 84
Open or hide the view using the command's defaultHandler 87
Adding a state to myCommand 87
Internationalization I18N 92
What to translate 92
Location of Translated files 92
plugin.xml 92
Internationalization aware 93
Internationalizing the view name 95
How to test the plug-in with different languages 98
Externalize Strings wizard. 105
Calling the wizard 105
Add any for any other languages 111
plug-in fragment 114
Plug-in fragment project 114
Translating cheatsheets 123
Internationalization of templates 124
Tell Eclipse to use internationalization for resources 125
Packaging and Deploying the plug-in and fragment 127
First, verify components to export 127
Package and export 129
Deploying the plug-in (and its fragment) 132


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