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XML Parsing in Java Kit - Eclipse Plug-in

>> 15 March 2011

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XML Parsing in Java Kit v2.0.0.beta_1 is a free software, with a GPL license.

Download the plug-in

This plug-in is designed for Eclipse (3.6 or later) and has three parts:

Cheat sheets:
These Cheat sheets describe Parsing XML in Java, with description of using DOM parser, validating documents, using XPath, character references, etc. An interactive example of using XPath expressions is included.

Visual XPath:
Is a XPath expressions visualizer. You select any XML file from your hard disk, or you can use the included example. When you enter an expression and press "evaluate", the corresponding parts of the XML document are highlighted.

XML templates
Some useful Java editor templates for working with XML documents.

How to install
  • Download  here "" file and unzip it. You will get a folder called "plugins" with a .jar file inside it.
  • Shutdown Eclipse
  • Copy the .jar file "", from plugins folder to the folder "dropins" under your Eclipse installation.
  • Restart Eclipse

Using Cheat Sheets
Help menu -> Cheat Sheets

Open "Kaesar ALNIJRES – XML Parsing in Java"
Select Parsing XML in Java -> OK

Navigate using cheat sheets

XPath interactive example
There are predefined examples using XPath expression. To see the result of an expression, select this expression in the list. If the expression is applicable you'll get some parts highlighted in the example. If the result of the expression is Double or Boolean, this result is display after the example.

Using Visual XPath
To open the tool -> click on its icon in the main tool bar in Eclipse.

Using this tool is straight forward. Enter any XPath expression in the text field and press evaluate button. If the expression is applicable, corresponding parts are highlighted. You can select any other XML file to be used with XPath expressions by clicking "select file" button, and select any other XML file of your choice.

Using Java templates
In any Java editor -> enter xml -> followed by CTRL+SPACE and select any of the provided templates

The selected template is inserted in the code


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