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>> 18 July 2010

Java XML-XPath Eclipse Templates

Some useful Java Editor Templates for easy working with XML documents in Eclipse (DOM and XPath)

V 1.5
This new version has :

  • 24 templates
  • 3 cheat sheets (working with DOM, XPath)
  • About 50 examples of using local path (Axis, node-test and predicates)

Download file  to your hard disk.
Unzip. Import templates to your eclipse : Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Editor -> Templates.

Click on "Import" and select the downloaded XML file

In any Java editor -> type "xml" and CTRL+SPACE Bar. Choose the instruction you want to use.

Help on using XML parsing or XPath

Type "xml" and CTRL+SPACE BAR and :

  • Select 1st read this - XML (general informations about parsing documents using DOM)
  • Select 1st read this - XPath overview (How to use XPath from a Java program)
  • Select 2nd read this - XPath - Local path (How to use local path in XPath with a lot of examples)



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